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Xyberwidget is about creating Internet marketing tools and resources that can be used to gain you better positions in the search engines, pay per click search engines and more. We build quality Internet marketing products that are affordable and our goal is to help you succeed with your online marketing.


Rod and Jeff

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Ad Watchers - Easily uncover the most profitable AdWords, Yahoo, and MSN PPC Campaigns (Including Top Affiliate's EXACT Prized Keywords and Ads) without anybody suspecting athing... that is, until you've taken over the market! Track 3000 active keywords with unlimited campaigns and use our exclusive keyword directory to locate killer new markets.

Ad Word Generator - A big time-saver for Google Adwords. It actually generates your ads using proven selling phrases with a few clicks of a button, then submits them and pops them into your account. Increases your click-through rates and saves you time with your Google Adwords advertising.

Keyword Analysis

Top Keyword Data - No matter how many niche websites you create, no matter how many Google AdSense ads you include, no matter HOW much time and effort you invest, there is only ONE thing that will determine the volume of monthly income you receive from Google... you absolutely MUST choose the "right" keywords!

Search Engine Optimization

Article Equalizer - Get high-quality articles for your website to increase your search engine traffic and boost your ad revenue because of increased readership. One of the fastest, easiest and most efficient methods of adding *tons* of content to your website!

Blogging Equalizer - This tool is used to get your web pages into the search engines fast! You just let the software know where your website is and let it go to work getting your web pages into the search engines at lighting fast speed.

Forum Equalizer - Just fill in a few comments or questions and hit 'submit' to reach tens of thousands of eyeballs! This is the perfect backlink generation solution for those who don't have a lot of extra time, but want results fast!

Instant Affiliate Submitter - Do you have an affiliate program that needs affiliates? Of course you do and with Instant Affiliate Submitter, you can let the world know about your program with a few clicks on the mouse. You could have hundreds or thousands of affiliates spreading the word about your product.

Instant Article Submitter - Discover how this advanced new software transforms article promotion into the ultimate pain-free advertising solution! Easily boost your credibility, traffic, and backlinks to rise in the search engines with minimal effort!

Instant Blog Links - There's a hot new marketing technique many website owners are finally beginning to take advantage of! It allows anybody to fill their websites with quality links and laser-targeted traffic from some of the most popular websites in your market without paying a cent.

Instant Blog Submitter - Google loves blogs, so this software allows you to add content to unlimited Wordpress blogs from one easy to use interface. You can also automate your postings and comments using the scheduling module to save hours of time.

Instant Video Uploader - Video rules the roost these days, this software allows you to upload unlimited videos to the top video sites online. Videos are an unstoppable force of traffic and a must have for your traffic arsenal. to save hours of time.

Press Equalizer -This tool allows you to take full advantage of online press releases (a unique type of content many website owners crave) by helping you to create them at lightning fast speed and then distributing them for you! All you have to do to is fill in some blanks, then let Press Equalizer take your press releases and distribute them to a select list of special submission sites.

Submit Equalizer - Just fill-in a few blanks and hit a button to submit your website to an always-growing list of over 2055 high-quality and exclusively picked distribution sites using this new technology -- put to work on a proven technique you can use on every new website you create time-and-time again!"

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